Fallen Angel Poem

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 Fallen Angel Poem

Down to earth,
Feet on the ground,
I look straight ahead,
Don't turn around.

In all I do
I'm here for you
I'm your Fallen Angel.

Stretch my arms,
Reach to the sky,
My wings are broken,
But I need to fly.

Look at me.
I'm not what you see,
I'm a Fallen Angel.

Fly high,
Where the Eagle sings.
Fly high,
Fix these broken wings.

I'm just a young dove
Who had danced just up Above
But I'm a Fallen Angel

A breath of wind.
A whisper of sound.
I rise through the mist
With my feet off the ground.

Help me fly,
Don't let me die.
I'm your Fallen Angel.

I want to fly...
I want to feel the air beneath my wings...
But I'm down here.
Broken, hurt, and reaching.

You see me all day,
Don't brush me away,
I'm a Fallen Angel.


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