Do not despair my angel

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Angel Poems

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 Do not despair my angel

Do not despair my angel

For even angels must sometimes wait,

To stretch their wings and fly

But find solace within yourself for now

For within you are the seeds of flight

You have all that you need to fly

They are born within you

All that is needed is awareness

But if uncertainty fill your heart and soul

Fear not, for I shall be the enlightenment for your despair

Come closer so you may hear better

And forget not what I say

For the words I speak are true

For what lives in your heart and soul,

Are the seeds and nectar to help you fly

Love, the seed of caring, understanding and passion

Hope, the seed of desire, want and need

And that which nourishes both Love and Hope is Promise

For promise, is the sun and the rain that will make Love and Hope flourish

So plant the seeds my angel and feel them grow

And feed them with promise

Then soar high and reap what you sow

For you too shall touch the stars

And be among the angels in heaven


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