Soaring with Angels

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Angel Poems

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Some days I feel the angels soar
Sometimes I feel them nearby.
Some days I know they're watching
When I'm sad or when I cry.

Some times I feel them embrace me
with a warmth of gentle wings.
Sometimes I can almost see them
and sometimes I hear them sing.

Some days I think they're smiling
on the days I feel carefree.
Somehow I know when in danger
They're watching over me.

Some days I hear a flutter
and sounds I can't explain.
Although I cannot see them
The presence still remains.

It's said ten thousand angels
adorn the heavens above.
I can only imagine that beauty
where angels live with love.

For now I'll remain content
to know they're watching me.
Some days I soar with the angels
as I feel them holding me.


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