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Angel Poems

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In the middle of the mystical night,
When the waves leap the blue Moon,
Cried Her rage,” Who’s the Devil that haunts the dark Lagoon?”
If you stand bold, come, with me have a fight.

“Who dares the Devil to come out?”
The Lagoon shivered, it was his haunter’s shout.
And the Devil stood there to see.
An Angel, the Angel with mesmerizing beauty.

The Devil and the Angle came closer now,
To kill each other was their vow.
Strange wailing cries uttered the dark Lagoon,
Encore an angel shall meet its doom, thought the compassionate blue Moon.

But what a coincidence, they knew each other,
Faint memories of their Human-Love, they could gather.
He, the Devil, remembered her Angel entrancement.
She, the Angel, remembered his Devil commencement.

Soul mates they were, both knew very finely,
Said the Angel’s voice rather quietly,
“You killed me in my human life; the guilt twirled you to a Devil.”
Said his silent gaze, “You, even then, forgave all my evil.”

“I had loved you so much, the love made me commit a mistake.
I couldn’t see you with anyone else, you were My soul mate.”
“So you ended both our lives?
Was this the way to mend your heart that ached?”

She knew the Devil wouldn’t answer, He never had,
He knew the Angel loved him, even now, when she was sad.
But they understood each other deeply, strangely divinely,
Moon and the Lagoon spectacled the chronicle frightened enchantedly.

He noticed the soft beauty of the evening that reside,
There came over the Devil a desire to confide.
“I can conquer you easily if I desire, but I have wounded you enough,
I worship you, my Angel; my love was never a bluff.”

And they embraced, all that came between them, they erased.
Lagoon and the Moon stood reluctantly rejoiced and dazed.
But her grief knew that – Eternity had forced its shiver to say ‘Good-bye’
“How I crave to lie, I sigh, but the Devil must die.”

He lay at rest, Heavens pleased, she had passes her test,
Moon and the Lagoon, screamed and screeched in their protest.
She twinkled, puzzled, at the Lagoon,” the Devil haunted you, why do you howl?”
Said the innocent Lagoon,” Despite a devil, he did no harm, was always a good soul.”

The Moon in the misery turned itself,
The Lagoon cursed its saltiness,
She, now, cried the blame, wept the tears of blood,
She kissed his cold lips, his dissolving spirit that blurred.

“I have passed my test, I merit a reward,
Doom me, Divinity, with Thy holy sword.
For Thee, he was always a Devil, perhaps, never for me,
Set me free, O generous Divinity, with My Angel I yearn to be.” 




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