Pandas Poem

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Animal Poems

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I walked in a forest and the first thing I saw

Was a unicorn so big and tall

Its wings were fluffy as a little white cloud

It stood there looking so proud

When I started to talk

It sat down to listen

Then when I had finished

It started to walk

I had told him my worries about

The pandas

That they are making money

And putting it in counters

They are chopping their homes

And making things like combs

The unicorn opened its mouth

Its sole came out and into my mouth

Suddenly I new what to do I raced home to get my bamboo

I flew to the jungle and to my surprise

The pandas were crying through there little black eyes

I started to build with all the bamboos

A giant home as big as a cruse

The pandas I had saved

And I was happy

And as I was going they all waved


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