Wedding Anniversary Poems

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Anniversary Poems

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Your successful married life has been

An inspiration to me down the years

Happiness does not come gift-boxed

Or ready made like wedding presents


Wedding Anniversary Poem

The sweetest story that's ever been told

Lies in a slim little circle of gold.

It joined two people as husband and wife

to share in the joys and sorrows of life,

Fifty years ago.

With faith in each other and love as your guide

As long as forever you'll walk side by side.

The shining reminder of how much you care

Lies in the little gold band that you wear.

Of memories treasured and hopes renewed

All part of the promises made by you two,

Fifty (enter your year) years ago.

My darling Wife

Our Wedding Anniversary

Today is the special occasion
Of our Wedding Anniversary
Part of this verse has been
Removed for copyright protection
A day when love filled us
And joined forever
Our body and hearts
In the bond of matrimony

As we celebrate this day
We cannot forget the times
Of listening, understanding, believing
And never taking each other for granted
And may we always
Find a place to hold those times
Precious and close to our hearts


Shared Joy

Anniversary time stands out
As something truly special
Bathed in the memory of our commitment
And a reflection of our shared joy
Always being there for each other
With support and encouragement
Putting each other first and foremost
Before all and everything else

And in those times
When things go wrong
And seem at their worst
We stand together side by side
Knowing there is a brighter tomorrow
Just around the corner


Heart to Heart

Today is special, our anniversary
Each day of our life together
Has been a learning experience of love
And a spiritual journey of happiness
May God smile down on us
As we celebrate our love for each other
And as we journey on hand in hand

Heart to Heart

Happy Anniversary my Darling Poems

May the beautiful and compatible love you both share

Be a long and lasting love affair of the heart and soul

You are worthy and most deserving of it

Happy Anniversary 


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