The Queen of Hearts Princess Diana

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Anniversary Poems

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The Queen of Hearts Princess Diana

With a soul true and blue
She walked with the world,
Gave comfort to all
The old and the small.

The people she touched,
In thought and in flesh,
Remember her touch,
Remember the feel.

The spark in the heart
Her smile could evoke,
When all else was hopeless,
She opened the door.

And now HE has called her
To be at HIS side,
In a much better world
Where her dreams can come true.

She knows in her soul
That we'll never forget,
And behind her she left
A legacy rich -
With love and with hope -
Two wonderful sons,
William and Harry,
She's left in her stead.

May we be there for them,
As she was for the world.
May their hearts know she's smiling,
With love by their sides.


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