The sound of Autumn

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Autumn Poems

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The sound of autumn all around.


Crimson Scarlet Plum and Gold

Leaves of autumn brilliant and bold

Falling to the ground behold

Saffron Olive Brown and Green
Autumn clusters can be seen

Indian summer nights serene

Magenta Pumpkin Yellow and Green

Swishing Swooshing Floating Airy

In the sky dance autumn fairies

Cascading as the wind carries

Swirling Twirling Waltz and Prance

Autumn leaves in graceful dance

Hypnotizing fall trance

Rushing Blast Dash and Clatter

Gusts of wind pick up and scatter

Woodland creatures nosily chatter

Rake Pile Heap and Mound

A lot of gold upon the ground

More keep on falling down

Crisp Crunch Crackle Brown

The sound of autumn all around.



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