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Bereavement Poems

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If I die...what words are there to describe my life and me?  Why talk about me and my life when I am dead.  What an irony.  I hate eulogies!  I‘ve been to funeral services that makes me mad, sometimes, laugh....when I hear people -  a closed associate or best friend - sometimes next of kin to the deceased person speak of the good deeds and nice characteristic traits of the person who is laying cold in the coffin. 
What good does it do?  Why tell everyone that you loved the person when sometimes during his/her lifetime never even cared for?  Never visited him/her, never spent time with him/her, never shared your thoughts and express your feelings with him/her?  Why now express your feelings when the person is dead.  He or she can’t hear you!
Eulogy to me are exaggerated expressions of guilt, words of hypocrisy and inflated statements with no meanings in between.  Sugar-coated words that make funeral services of the deceased looked great for cosmetic purposes...before their loved ones and the viewing public.  They are to me, reminders that what we should not say...when the person is dead...but one must do while the person is alive. 
Cheer them up, boost their morale, tell them you love them, embrace them, hug them, kiss them, tell them “You love them!”  Yes, it won’t hurt your manliness or make you less of a man if you do even if you say it to someone of your own sex - your dad, your brother or best friend too.  Weird!  I have seen weird things in funeral parlors, people kissing and hugging coffins, when they never did hug or kiss the person when he or she was alive.  To me that is weirdness!  Express and show them your feelings and emotions while the person is alive...when they need it, especially when they are lost and in despair, when depressed or lonely, seriously ill, or bed ridden.
For God’s can you really love a dead person when they were alive you did not even have time for them, ignore them, did not talk to them for years, or simply didn’t care of how they were! 
If and when I die...I just wish my friends and relatives...will just passed by my blue coffin and say....”I had a good time with you while you were jerk!”  That is most sincere, frank, casual and no “tupperware” meanings in between!  If they do, I might even smile in my coffin just for one more time...before the close my casket. 
If someone makes a fool of themselves and recite an unauthorized eulogy on my behalf, please put more cotton balls in my ears so I don’t hear it!  Hmmm.....I forgot I am supposed to be dead!
an original by Don Allan Dinio


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