Last wish, last chance...

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Bereavement Poems

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Last wish, last chance...
an original from Don Allan Dinio

Don't bring me flowers
when I am dead.
Don't cry or shed a tear for me
when I am gone.
Don't visit my grave
when I am six-feet down.

Don't talk good about me in my eulogy,
or, do a good write-up in my obituary.
Don't come to my death bed when I am unconscious and
almost pronounced dead, or, come to my viewing
and hear you say...

'He was a good man...'
'I did not know that he was going to die...'
'Wish I could have....'
'Damn, I was going to...'
'Why did He take him so soon...'

Talk to me now.
Don't wait till when I
am laying cold in my coffin
Let me give you ideas that you and I
can do together while there is time.

Call me collect.
Email me. Write me a note.
Come and visit me anytime.
Let's drink a six-pack.

Let's watch your favorite movie,
your football game, or a baseball game,
even if you don't say a word to me,
or even if I don't like the team,
or don't even understand a thing.

I will even listen to your music
which I may not enjoy.
We can sit in the yard, on the porch,
or, at the beach.
We can go to McDonald's,
or buy some take-out Chinese food
that I like and you don't.

I can't jog anymore but
we can take a walk, rest and talk.
Let's watch snow together as it comes
down from your window up north
or, watch the beautiful sun set from
my porch down south.

Trust me, they will be fond
memories when I am gone.
Send me cards on Christmas,
Thanksgiving, or my birthdays.
Who knows if I will make it this year.

I want to hear something good
from you, or even bad.

Make me smile when I am mad.
Cheer me up when I am sad.
Help me remember the things I forget.
Correct me when I am wrong.
Forgive me for my shortcomings.
I may not even know when I hurt your feelings.

Don't forgive me when I am dead.
It does not make you a lesser man
to express your feelings.

Cry with me when there is
no one there to see.
You can trust me.
No one would ever know.
Keep me company for a day or two.

Why wait when I am dead?
I would not enjoy your company.
I would not even know, hear, feel,
or see any of the things you would say or do.

I can't laugh at your jokes anymore,
or bug you about my problems.
I won't even smell that huge
wreath of flowers you might
bring me for my funeral.

Let me know you care.
Just don't tell me you
don't have the time.

When I am dead,
why would you find time?
Don't bother...
I would not know anyhow.

Please, don't cry a tear.
Save that last one...when I am gone!


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