When I am Dead

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Bereavement Poems

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When I am dead
an original from Don Allan Dinio

Will you cry a tear for me when I am dead;
Will you tell someone that you miss me;
Will it affect your life at all and feel the loss of my company;
Will you think of me, the good times we've had, the laughs
we shared, the secrets we kept, and the challenges in life
we tried to solved?

Don't feel bad about me. I had the good times of my life.
I tried the best I can and enjoyed the people I have around
me, closes to me and related to me. They made me of who
I was! I took life as challenging...changed me for the better,
failures were hard to take, mistakes we all do make,
but they are the best things in life to learn from.

Don't feel bad for me because I left this world so suddenly
because...I was ready. I led my life from day to day...lived my life
as though it was my last. So it came to be...so be it, I lived
my life fully...the rest is just history and should be fond memories!

Don't mourn for me and lead a life of solitary...the best in life
is finding the best in people and people finding the best in you.
Your mourning won't do me no good...but will just make you
lonely, detached and unconsolable just because of me.
Take all the sincere condolences and bury them with me,
always think of the good times we had...not the day
I left you behind. Give other people a chance to know you...
just like you did me, eventually, you will find another me!


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