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Butterfly Poems

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for Heather




One day, as I lay on rivers shore,

I dreamed a dream in which I became a butterfly,

And at the waking of this dream

the butterfly became me too.


As I sat and pondered this I dream,

I felt the winds that lifted my heart

And began to wonder deep…

Which one was true,

was I to be a butterfly

or was I meant to be the man?


But who am I to ask these things?

Who am I to know?


There are wonderful changes in this world

And why should I wonder

or should I seek

what these changes shall mean…


The river flows, the clouds pass by

The leave grow and then they change.

So who am I to know…


The farmers sow, the fathers hope.

The children learn and so quickly grow,

And I ask myself again…

Who I am to know…


There was a prince who loved the world,

and felt the change so deep,

with time and love and patients true

He answered for us all…


It’s for only God to know…..





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