Our "Lucky" Cat

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Cat Poems

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Our "Lucky" Cat

There once was a cat that was down on her luck,
Who was rescued from a dumpster by a man named Chuck.

Who could do such a thing as to put a cat in there?
Why, if I find him, I'll rip out all of his hair!!!!!!

Chuck took her home and made her his own,
That pretty black cat whom had been left to roam.

He fed her and loved her and gave her a name,
How "LUCKY" was the cat that day he came.

Now luckier than ever was that cat to be,
When Samantha and Grey Kitty made them three.

Three furry friends who owned Cyndi and Chuck,
Was it the cats or the couple who had all the luck?

One sad day "LUCKY" had to say good-bye,
What for Cyndi and Chuck to do but to cry.

They will love her and miss her for all time,
That "LUCKY" cat, their beloved feline!!!


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