Cat on a Hot Tin Page

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Cat Poems

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Let me tell you about this cat I know
who makes his rounds, on dry ground or snow

heís not the cat from Dr. Seuss
nor a treacherous tomcat on the loose

he can make the hair on your arm stand up in alarm
but he purrs a gentle poem, and means no harm

his lines donít rhyme as in Mother Goose
and he prefers a plane to a train caboose

he maneuvers sly, like the famous Cheshire
he settles down on mousepads and net wires

this dark-haired cat sneaks into souls
meowing his stories of triumphs and tolls

scratching at the mundane to the sensational
topics torrid and forbidden or easily conversational

this cat will prance on any altitude of walk
prowling over keyboards to make them talk

swatting at the humdrum and the things less sure
turning us inside out, looking for his cure

licking avid paws, he pokes through othersí poems
doing the limbo-tiptoe into other poets' homes

he can send out feelers in synergy thatís psychic
natural but uncanny, and whether or not we like it

be he agitated, be he calm, the tomcat makes it clear
what he most despises, and what he most holds dear

sometimes heíll chase his tail so the end seems
the beginning; the present the past and the future in between

he leaves his mark of mischief, and magic behind
for the archivists of lyrical literature to find

the true origin of his nickname's quite aloof
maybe you think you know it, but maybe you've goofed

after all his daring leaps and ginger steps, I'd wage
heís just a cool, mischievous cat, up on a hot tin page

© 2002 Maureen L Glaude


avatar bubbie
i think it is a cool poem
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