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Cat Poems

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The old man comes cautiously down 
The stairs to the kitchen. 
He takes the last step 
That isn't there - 
A bone shuddering stop. 

Pausing, he searches the dark room 
For the dangling light cord, 
And moves toward 
The center of the room - 

It's unfortunate as the cat 
Is discovered sitting in the middle of the floor. 
As the old man steps on its tail, 
It howls it great pain - 
Startling the old man. 

Finally, after groping the empty air, 
He finds the cord. 
Pulling it; he is 
Blinded by the sudden light - 
Causing him to cover his eyes. 

Looking about the room. 
He sees, in the corner, 
The offended cat. 
He ask for forgiveness - 
Stoops to pet and caress. 

He stands, with apparent pain, 
Moves to the kitchen counter, 
Sees a number of cans, 
That must be cat food – 
And selects one. 

He shows the can to the cat; 
Returns to the counter and 
Taking a hand-cranked opener 
He begins - 
To open it with great difficulty. 

Finally opened, 
He places the lid on the counter, 
Raises the can to his nose, 
Smiles appreciately, bends and - 
Offers the cat a smell. 

Bracing his back he stands. 
Takes a spoon, 
From the counter, 
And bends over the cat's dish. - 
Placing a portion in the dish. 

Pushing the cat away, 
He adds a second helping. 
Then, thinking he has 
added too much, - 
He spoons a bit back into the can. 

Standing again with difficulty, 
He straightens his back, 
And once more sniffs the can. 
Raises the spoon - 
And takes a small bite. 

Liking what he finds, 
He turns his back to the cat, 
And eats 
All that remains - 
Then wipes his mouth on his sleeve. 

Guiltily he looks back at the cat, 
Seeing there is liquid in the can, 
He once again bends low 
Over the cat and its dish - 
And pours the remaining liquid into the cat's dish. 

He stands, 
Places a hand to his aching back, 
Wipes his mouth on his sleeve, 
Places the spoon and can on the counter - 
And steps to the center of the room. 

He pulls the light cord; 
The room is dark. 
From the darkness 
You hear, - 
'Good night and God Bless.'

Sidi J. Mahtrow


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