Child Abuse Poems

Children are beautiful and innocent and trust their Guardians, their family, friends and relatives, yet some of us breach this trust and abuse the kids physically, emotionally and sexually. Leaving the innocent souls sacred for the rest of their lives, the child abuse poems depict the same feelings and hollowness and defenselessness from a child's perspective

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1 I am useless Anonymous
2 Wasted jayhawkmilitarygirl
3 Deafening jayhawkmilitarygirl
4 Ultimate Terror jayhawkmilitarygirl
5 Mirror, Mirror jayhawkmilitarygirl
6 My Goodbye Lullaby jayhawkmilitarygirl
7 Perfect Home jayhawkmilitarygirl
8 Stand My Ground Aireal
9 The Father hits, the child spits blood. Ryan Hill
10 Mommy, Mommy, why can't you love me? Kelsey Carroll
11 Lock me away Maddison
12 Abused Little Girl Inspirational Poems
13 Abused by Father Inspirational Poems
14 Night Terrors Christina
15 Do you know Inspirational Poems