The Father hits, the child spits blood.

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Child Abuse Poems

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The Father hits.

The boy spits blood.

The Mother Doesn't Listen.

He goes to school coverd in bruses.

Wearing the same clothes from last week.

The other students stare there judgful glare.

He pretends that he does not care.

He comes back from school.

Alone again without no food.

Tears fall from the childs eyes.

Holding in the emotions is killing him inside.

He sits there weeping his eyes.

He hears keys jingle in the door.

Tears flood from his eyes more and more.

In comes his Father yelling his name.

He tries to be silent but cannot refrain,

From making a single noise that gives away,

The place he is hiding from his Father.

The Father finds him,

Hits him, beats him,

The mother watches,

But does not stop him.

He sit's in his room all alone,

Knowing that it will all happen again soon.

The father hits,

The boy spits blood,

The mother does not listen.



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