Hot Chocolate

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Chocolate Poems

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Tick-tock tick-tock
Blush little cloud blush
A deep scarlet red
Salt press in to wounds
Honey sweet and just as bitter
Contradict my words
Place a fiddle in my mouth
Play a little tune
Throw us in to an ice age
Whisper in to the dark
Turn the sky purple
See in black and white
Glass breaks in to dust
Glitter about my feet
Look in to the archives
Find the betrayal
The Angelís Demon unfound
Terror stricken
I dance on my toes
Feel the fingers in my hair
Pushing in to my brain
Smile goofy
And tap my fingers
Scream like a banshee
Squish a bug with my truck
Feel power fall between fingers
Making circle
In the shadow dust
Play the Pyramid song
On my stomach
One, two, three
Love the hate
Take it to you
Feel the red lights
Press brands in to my skin
Does it matter?
Am I crazy?
Tick-tock tick-tock


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