You cannot eat that chocolate Today

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Chocolate Poems

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No sugar for you," on the doctor's face a sad smile
Can you imagine a four year old not allowed sugar for a while?
But, it's true that for this sick little one

His life so far hasn't been much fun.

You cannot eat that chocolate Today


When he was four, he spent summer and early fall

In the mountains at Camp Simcha and truly had a ball.

He had a gift: it was needed in this of all places

He could bring a smile to the saddest of faces.

Always appreciating the earth's little beauties,

that most adults miss in pursuit of "more important" duties.

When snack time arrives, for a candy his small hand grabs

Success! A delicious chocolate bar he nabs!

"No, no," his counselor must say,

"you cannot eat that chocolate today."

His joy turns into some tears and then a frown,

Everyone gathers to see what has brought this child down.

Suddenly, his sadness turns into a brilliant smile

(It stretches out for at least half a mile!)

He holds up the candy in his tiny hand

and says, "If I can't eat it - maybe someone else can!"

`h ta hkrba - he did so well

That when he was in pain - you could not tell

te lkb -even at the darkest hour,

This small boy showed unshakeable inner power


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