Daddy takes me places

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Dad Poems

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Daddy takes me places
Where nobody else can -
He takes me into space
To touch the ceiling fan!

He lifts me oh-so-high
That Mom is far below.
I only have to point
To where I want to go!

As soon as my finger
Is waving in the air
My Daddy scoops me up,
And his arms take me there!

Daddy's arms are stronger
Than any daddy's are --
They carry me down the steps
Or place me in the car.

They take me to the light switch
So I can turn it off
Then Mom and Daddy both
Are standing in the dark!

I'm a bigger person
When Daddy is around
Once I'm up, I never, never
Want to be put down!

I could live a lifetime
On my Daddy's shoulders!
But soon, I will grow up --
And I will get older --

Then I will be too big
For him to lift around.
I will reach the light switch
With both feet on the ground.

So let Daddy lift me
While I'm still a little man;
'Cause Daddy takes me places
Where nobody else can!!


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