Short Dad Poems

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Dad Poems

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You were my rock and my anchor

You were my rock and my anchor

 You showed me what it means to really love

 Without question, Without condition

 Now, years after you've gone,

I alternately bless you and curse you

 For showing me life's greatest gift,

One that no one else can ever give me


No Matter What

No matter what has come about
you were always there,
As a Dad you showed me of
the how, the why, and the where

And even though I've let you down
it's me I've really failed,
The oceans of this stormy life
I've conquered and sailed

The courage to keep pushing on
is what I've learned from you,
And in the years to come I hope
you'll feel the same way, too.

I promise we'll be closer
and we'll do thing's never done,
And so I send this poem to you
from me....your loving son.


avatar Namrata
DAD ur daughter really loves u the same as u....................................
love u daddy...................

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