I'll Forever Be Missing You!!!

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Dad Poems

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As I think of my past, all I see is you

The man who taught me everything he knew,

From tying my shoes to driving a car

Now all I can see, is you from afar,

Not in my life or even this Earth

How to move on, when I loved you since birth,

Life is so difficult now that youíre gone

Youíre all I can think of, from morning till dawn,

One moment your alive, the next youíre deceased

Overwhelmed by emotions that fail to release,

Devastation to me, was just a word to be read

Regrettably now, itís what I feel in my head,

You were always my hero and my very best friend

Now I shall suffer, my heart cannot mend,

Anger and rage are consuming my soul

I fear for tomorrow, Iím losing control,

I know I wonít move on, living this way

Anger only creates a much longer day,

Time is the only remedy to heal

Therefore, I must learn how to deal,

Words of advice are what I inquire

Unfortunately, youíre the one I desire,

You were always there, during the good and the bad

You always spoke kindly even when mad,

Always measured the world in comparison to you

Iím honored to say, youíre the best man I knew,

You worked so hard through all of your days

Always helping others in your companionate ways,

If †you still exist through your spirit or soul

Please give us some strength and the hearts that you stole,

Regrets keep stirring, anchored with grief

Just wish our time wasnít so brief,

Ashamed and angry that I was distrait

Neglected the warnings of your dying fate,

Finally I realized, I am not to blame

No oneís at fault, it was your life, for you to claim,

I promise to move on with my head held high

The memories of you will help me get by,

Iím devoted to honor you and the life that you planned

By laughing and loving and lending a helping hand,

It will not be easy to fill your shoes

But Iíll never give up, I simply refuse,

Iíll pray to god for your peace and your rest

I do know now, he only calls home the absolute best,

I will not say goodbye, but see you later

This world never lost anyone greater,

So for now my beloved father, Iíll eagerly wait

For us to unite before the pearly gate.

Rest In Peace My Amazing Daddy!!


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