The Thread of Life

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Depression Poems

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It is morning, a new day,
you open your eyes,
you try to cry,
but the pain doesnt let you,
you try to talk but your thorat is dry
you like log of wood cant move cant talk cant do nothing,
you get up look at yourself in the mirro and ask what am i, who am i,
why me, my does life hate me,
you shout out loud but no one can hear
you want to die you've beg for death
you've prayed for death
but death hasnt come,
you go it the kitchen eat, drink,
go to your room and stay down,
then ou mind trembles
and the depression is too hard
that you cant even think straight
you get up, open your window, and jump out,
The thread of of your life was just cut,
now you wonder why you jumped
and finally realized death just parked his car in front of your house


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