Violent Mind

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Depression Poems

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a violent mind surrounds me it begins to say
"hurt your self, kill your self then the pain would go away"
i attempt it but i realize that this in'nt the way
maybe if i numb myself then it would go away
i numb all my feelings my thoughts and my pride,
but then i began to feel funny way deep inside
i tried to ignore it as much as i could
but i still heard whispers only a razor blade understud
All my feelings surrounds me it caves deep inside
all my emotions are emptied as i try to hide
holes in my heart, tears in my eyes, wings ripped apart
im dying inside
my emotions drive me crazy it makes me feel insane
my heart is emptied im the one to blame
no matter whet i do i strill feel the same
nothing can change me so please just


avatar pixie
awesum. i can relate
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