Living in this cruel world

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Depression Poems

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I'm living in a world full of hate
where people are hurt and people in pain
I'm living in this cruel world
where there is no one I could trust
a world so empty
like my hollow broken heart
I am living in this cruel world
no one that I can love
and no one that I can trust
where I am hurt and crying
where nobody can see my true pain
I walk around
with a fake smile on my face
and a fake laugh all the time
where on the inside I feel dead
and on the outside I can feel the true pain
I am living in this cruel world
don't know what to do
and don't know where to go
but I am living in this world alone
with the one that understands and loves me
where soon I will be safe and at peace
I will soon be gone from this cruel world
where my heart is broken
in million tiny pieces
where nobody cares
and all the true pain hurting me
that no one knows


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