Always Lost and Never Found

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Depression Poems

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Spiraling down and down
She wonders why she is falling

Day by day shrinking and shrinking
Ana forever calling

Her bony hands will make a fist
And shatter her reasons to exist

And with her spiteful, daring lips
Sanity she will resist

And if the thoughts start to intrude
And if its death she starts to brood

She'll take the razor, slide it through
And bleed out her desperate, mournful mood

And while she wanders through this maze
Happiness is just a phase

She cries and lies and steals and strains
And smiles at the hunger pains

Her brittle bones begin to crumble
And soon she is no more than rubble

She lets out a wavering scream
And falls into an endless dream

And in this dream she falls and falls
And no one ever hears her calls

And so she spirals down and down
Always lost and never found

By Heather Goldwater


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