Dark to Light

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Depression Poems

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It's dark

There's no light

Why must the blackness be so bright?

There's no worth for me in this place called Earth

I look around but all i see is terrifying ghost

But wait! I see something

A pale light flickers far away

I run and try to get to it

But many obstacles block my way

I try overcoming it

I try with all my might

But they put up a really damn good fight

I take  one step forward

Two back

I'm loosing myself,falling deeper into this dark void of black

There's nothing left,nomore that i can bare


Does anyone care?

I have no friends

They have backstabbed me

Then i realise

That God is the key

So I talk to Him

Now I've fixed my life

And I'm on the hihest cloud

I'm glad to know I have made him proud

The obstacles are gone-the darkness turns to light

It's not a flicker anymore

The world seems to be so bright

Everything's back to normal-I'm myself again

What did i learn from this?

Through the Lord there is plenty to gain!



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