The Philanderer's Ansaphone Message

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The Philanderer's Ansaphone Message

Iím not at home to take your call. Bad luck,
But leave your number and Iíll be in touch.
Youíll hear from me next time I want a f**k,
(My love, my darling). Thank you very much.
Please leave your name Ė Iíll add it to my list,
That way I wonít forget. One does lose trackÖ
But I can guarantee that when Iím pissed
I shall be keen to get you in the sack.
I knew this ansaphone would come in handy Ė
Voice after female voice Iíve got recorded.
I play the tape back when Iím feeling randy
And one by one my ladies are rewarded.
My system works supremely well, Iíve found.
Wait by the phone until your turn comes around.


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