It's Halloween tonight

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Halloween Poems

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It's Halloween tonight

It's Halloween tonight
and dark as dark can be.
With witches on thier broom sticks,
swooping through the breeze.

Spooks and goblins every where
and the misty moons a glow.
Watch out for the boogie man.
He's sure to chase you home.

It's Halloween a time for fright,
as spooky as can be.
The vampires in thier coffen beds,
awaiting midnight feasts.

Skeltons with thier bones a creaking
while spiders spin their webs.
Black cats on the prowl this night.
This night for the walking dead.

It's Halloween tonight.
A time for tricks and treats.
The ghosts will haunt you
through the night
and chase you in
the streets.

So listen to me when I say,
"This is not just an ordinary day".
Just watch your step
and don't look back.
For tonight it's Halloween.


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