Trick Or Treat Poem

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Halloween Poems

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Trick Or Treat Poem

Ghost and goblins make their way.
Into the night they search for prey.
Amidst the dark and moonlit sky.
A witch and broom soars through the nigh.

The wind is howling, cats meowing.
Monstrous creatures screeching, howling.
Coffins creaking, bats a squeaking.
Vampires stalk their nightly feasting.

Witches brew on open fires.
Vicious thoughts as they aspire.
Potions for their victims doom.
Evil lurks beneath the moon.

Far amongst the misty fog.
Deep into the forest bog.
A dungeon far beneath the ground.
With chains to hold and keep you bound.

Warlocks worship devils notions.
Witches brews have brewed to potions.
Amidst the air a stale stench.
Of toads and rats, you breath their stanch.

Pumpkins carved for ones delight.
With gruesome smiles, they light the night.
But evil lurks behind those smiles.
The innocent is left beguiled.

Halloween! A night for TREATS?
Or is it for the devils feat?
To TRICK us mortals on the streets.
To steal our souls and then retreat.

Until another year transcends.
Of Halloween, we boast its trends.
Again the Goblins make their way.
They'll set their goals on mortal prey.


avatar Nurcan
Are all of the pieces on this site yours? I know you ask for susosbiimns, but if a few of your pieces are up on this site, I'd be happy to comment.It is difficult to hear that your pieces aren't ready for publication. I worked for years to get my pieces publishable. It's usually a long road, but you'l get there. Sometimes people are wrong about your publishibility, but sometimes it's wise to listen to that critique and reevaluate your work. I find it helpful to read the genre I write, which is poetry. See what others are doing and see what you like. Try and figure out why you like it and incorporate it into your work.
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