Boldness of flight

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Noon Meem Rashid Poetry

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Boldness of flight

The lamp of my youth has burnt itself out
Many a times till this day, I have fallen in "love"
My romances overflow with tears and sighs
My tale draws to a close!
Colorful moths of my desires have crumbled to dust
Because of fears of loss and disrepute,
and beauty's pompous pursuit,
and the loneliness and helplessness of my pitiable heart!
My sighs raged tempests, but only in my chest
My sight failed to strip my soul, failed in its test

I should fall in love once more
A fruitless effort perhaps,
and a poisonous quaff perhaps,
an end to my life and my desires perhaps,
perhaps a barter, a wishful thought perhaps
Should I fall in love once more?
Fall in love with a "human"?
I still have one arrow in my quiver,
and I have the boldness to consider
My fate is still at war with me
And a snare to trap my fate perhaps?

Let me do that "mountain digging" * once more
and indulge myself in "worthless chaff" as well ..... ?

Either I'll arouse to life due to my boldness of flight,
and the bond of Love will give me a life immortal,
lead me itself to hope and delight,
to heights beyond the end of my sight.
Or I'll descend into the wilderness of despair,
into the underground worlds of destruction.
So that I may catch at last
a glimpse of the lowest depths of degradation.
Where darknesses lie dreaming,
and where too are evil gods sleeping.
So that I may become at last,
familiar with the very source of light.
Because of my boldness of flight.

(Beyond the sight)


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