Elusive Youth

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Noon Meem Rashid Poetry

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Elusive Youth

If refreshing pure wine is not available,
I'll do with the sediments from the decanter's bottom!

A freshly blossomed rosebud
said to me insultingly:
"Your age requires that
you associate with those flowers
that have only a few moments of fragrance left in them!"
It is true that a painting,
whose colors have all faded,
who will fill new colors in it?
Where will he get new colors from?

On your sky
I may be a novice star.
But I know that on this sky
many suns, moons, stars arose
and having set once never rose again!
From the sky-blue horizons of oblivion,
just like them, I too
move forward with the boldness of an inexperienced human,
and now that I move forward,
I do not have this wish in my heart
that in the tales of thousands of years hence
my name should once again come to life!

This charming evening is just an excuse,
a weak effort,
to lure my elusive youth from passing on.
Otherwise, a moment of support is enough for me
A newcomer I am, pitiable, meek
I'll do with the sediments from the decanter's bottom!

(Stranger in Iran)


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