The web of your eyes

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Noon Meem Rashid Poetry

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The web of your eyes

Oh the web of your enchanting eyes! ....
Look at the radiant surface of the table
See how the silvery reflection of the wine-cups
has submerged in its  infinite depths
Like my life ad my soul
in your ever-radiant dark eyes.
The cups of wine can move but these do not!

In the loneliness of the tavern's love chamber
Your stealthy arrival tonight!
The turbulence of emotions, midnight, and your exuberance
Your eyes and my heart
A spider and its helpless prey!
(But why are your hands shaking?
Why doesn't that wine-cup leave your lips!
Tender and inexperienced are you, O sorceress!
Exposing the sorcery of your art
But in yourself you have no faith!)
Even so, my defeat to your spell is inevitable
My dreams, my verses are useless!

Notice the deluge of chandelier's light over your head
Which casts a shadow of your face on your chest
Like so a shadow of pain falls over my being
Cast by the radiance of your eyes
The shadow can move, but the pain does not!

Oh the web of your enchanting eyes!
Look at that painting on the wall
Imagine if it ever wants its painter to
be entrapped and vanquished by it
What a meaningless thought that would be,
and nothing would come to it except embarrassment!
You were my painting, my masterpiece
My lips had brought you to life
But behold today my inebriety
Though I was the one who had created you
Fettered my soul and body in front of you
And on my heart the inescapable hold of your eyes
Your sorcery, your lordship prevails!
No matter what my creation was, it is mortal, but
the magic of  your eyes shall live on!


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