Lament of Man

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Noon Meem Rashid Poetry

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Lament of Man

(A Satire on Platonic Love)

No harmony between the soul and body
If pleasurable is the superficial heart-musing
Thought and action chaotic and fatigued!
You have a desire to express your youth
But are incapable of expression too
Body repulsed by thoughts of salvation too
So innocent and childish are you
Even then all you do is good
For you lack the harmony of the heart and body

Body is a stage for manifestation of soul's light
Source of intoxication and delight!
The faith of Beauty's worshipper is helpless as yet
But man! He just treks arduous long paths
(A salute to the spirit of Greece!)
The warmth of the frenzy in a winter's night
Who is familiar with its ecstasy?
Love for you is crude music
For you lack the harmony of the heart and body!

You lack the harmony of the soul and body
Otherwise the winter nights are not worthless yet
And neither are the spring days useless
Alas man! He still worships the superstitious
Tries to fool poor Beauty's lordship
Forcing it to appreciate the worship!
The strings of the harp will break one day
Smile, for your youth is still exuberant
A befitting response to the mockery of God!

(Beyond the sight)


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