The Lonesome Word

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Noon Meem Rashid Poetry

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The Lonesome Word
(that yearns to unite with meaning)

Our arms that are raised towards the heavens for prayer
(Don't look up to the heavens!)
Do they deflect a fatal blow at a fragile nerve
or from facing our limitations an excuse to swerve?
The All-Wise and Almighty God (Paradise is all truth)
will someday from god grant us respite.
For we are on this earth like the lonesome Word,
(but it will not be a world like this) silent but heard,
that lives in hopes of uniting with Meaning
That yearns for the oneness of the Word and Meaning!

Bless us with the dreams of M'arri *
(where everyone is granted a smile by the capacity of his sight)
Bless us with the unrest of the soul of M'arri
(where in the boldness to sin is cure from veneration's plight)
For his unlit and sightless eyes
pierced the dark nights
of man's being
In that world they perceived the soul-wrenching separation
of the Word and Meaning
Paradise for him was the refuge of those naive people
where, escaping from oppressor's whips on their naked bodies they could
find consolation
It was the shade, which from the burning sands of separation
on the day of parting, was their only salvation                         
That in the seclusions of Adam's loins, in the womb of Eve
their wait's culmination 
(Paradise is the grand zero, but we are the missing  numerals
without which what equation could possibly hold,
and oneness of the Meaning and Word unfold?)

We are on this earth since antiquity, accepted
But our hearts are still exuberant 
And by the lessons from our ramblings we are prudent
Bless us with the dreams of M'arri
(Even in paradise ecstasy is suffering if monotonous
The same divine drink for everyone is in fact poisonous)
For we are still in this world like the lonesome Word
(Keep your paradise, give us our own answer!)
that yeans to unite with Meaning ......


* M'arri was an eleventh century Syrian poet who, blind since childhood, was skeptical of the existence of God.


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