Hope is a nun

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Noon Meem Rashid Poetry

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Hope is a nun

---- Hope is a nun, helpless, lonely and sad
Hope is a nun who has spent her life
Among eternally deprived monks, keepers of the monastery
In the murky hallways of endless banality
How the monastery is engulfed by a darkness flood
From the eyes of idols gush tears of blood!

---- The nun comes out of the monastery at night
Carrying a twinkling flame
Stumbling, hitting against the walls and doors
Says to herself that perhaps the light from this candle flame
will become the likeness of the radiance that dwells far from the monastery
The dawn of a new morning will sprout from its modesty!

---- Hope is a nun, helpless, lonely and sad
But how could the monks possibly know of it
Lost in themselves, hushed, frightened of whispers
How could the monks know
why does the nun feel helpless, lonely and sad!
The monks stand silent like slabs of marble
In the soul-rending wilderness of endless veneration
Where the rosebushes of passion cannot take root!

The nun carries the candle with her
Believes that by it on the doorsteps of the monastery someday
Dew on the moss will shimmer bright
A footstep will be heard on the gravel!

(X = human)


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