On the bottom of the sea

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Noon Meem Rashid Poetry

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On the bottom of the sea

On the bottom of the sea
On the hard bottom of the sea
is a treasure chest ....
In the chest is a box within a box
within a box
in which are numerous mornings of Understanding
The mornings on which the doors or dawn are closed
Fettered in they own light
pale with fright! 
(How did this chest fall?
Who could have stolen it?
Did it slip from our own hands?
Slip and fall?
On the bottom of the sea .... but when?
Before eternity
eons before eternity?)
And to this day around the treasure chest
stand guard dark nights of expression
.... The nights of expression
that are like monsters ....
Like gelatinous monsters of the sea!
These nights of expression
are not indigenous to the bottom of the sea
but for the sake of their primordial guard
crawl over there
Morning and eve
slither around the treasure chest
at the bottom of the sea!
I ponder a lot
whether the fairies of the pious mornings of Understanding
in hopes of freedom
would be able to hear
the calls of the diving sorcerers?

(The Possible of the Imagined)


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