My Life-Ant

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Noon Meem Rashid Poetry

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My Life-Ant

My life-ant
Petty ant-of-a-life
All night at the foot of the wall
kept crawling, making snake-slithers
But before the dawn of morning
when they opened the door
I was found expired ......
(but my dreams were still alive!!)
I have always hated the insect of the tear-drop
so I asked: "Friends!
Do you not fear
That from my annihilation that confluence of Word and Understanding
will flow, for the sake of which my life-ant 
crawled since eternity, making snake-slithers?
Do you not fear
That these dreams,
which are yet unfolded at my deathbed,
which for thousands of years you will
try to conceal in shrouds of legend,
will pierce the incensed ethers of affection,
leap through the cotton mounds of veneration
In the monasteries, thousands of years from now,
will, for pilgrims, be a source of inspiration,
do you not have this fear?"
They laughed, as if I had picked
this thought from their own hearts!
Then they said: "Yes we have this fear
Come, let us bring the dead one to life
(but deny him his dreams)
and let him crawl
slither till eternity
so that his eyes may never dream again
Let him crawl
slither till eternity
and save the souls of posterity
from the pains of enlightenment!"

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