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Noon Meem Rashid Poetry

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Tonight, even in this rare and stolen moment
Your body longs for pleasurable slumber and dreams plush 
Your eyelids heavy by moist sleepiness
That has all but washed away your blush
Life for you is a swarm of lush dreams
For me it is the drudgery of wakefulness
Behold this lovely night
Break free of the webs of fear
Let go the thoughts of going to your bed chamber
What obscure doubts entrance your soul!
Your beauty is not that purposeless my dear
Behold this night, graceful, enchanting
Tonight, even in this rare and stolen moment
Should the thirst of the soul not be quenched
When your body is springtime in primal exuberance
Explosion of color and fragrance!

Blossoms, grass, some trees and walls
And some shadows that are short and dark
Why does it concern you if God exists or not?
Behold the rays of light shimmering through the leaves
As if ruffling forward through the veins
The first ever quaffs of tart new wine
Why does it concern you if God exists or not?
The stars are a pathway for our desires to soar
If only we could fly through the skies together
Open doors to a new life together!
The sky may be far, but this earth is near
Come let's reveal our love upon this earth together!
If souls cannot unite let the lips entwine
Come let's indulge in this eternal pleasure!
In the morning when the bees swarm to the garden for nectar
And roses and jasmines are smothered by their kisses
Two cold bodies lie on the dewy grass
And God, if exists, regrets!

(Beyond the sight)


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