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Noon Meem Rashid Poetry

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O my dance mate hold me close.
I ran away from life to come here.
I tremble with fear, hope that it would not be
that from some secret trapdoor of this dance floor, life
peeps in and finds me,
and catches me red handed, committing the crime of enjoyment.

O my dance mate hold me close.
The gyrations of this dance
are the revolutions of some crushing mill.
With what fervor I crush my pains
and say in my heart that,
before life peeps into the dance floor,
no trace of my grief should be left intact!

O my dance mate hold me close.
Life for me
is no better than a bloodthirsty hound.
O beautiful stranger woman because of its fear,
every passing moment I get closer to you.
I know that my love you certainly are not.
A chance to meet you again, most probably not.
But you are the likeness of my desires that have
managed to keep away from me till now!

O my dance mate hold me close.
I am not a brave man from the pages of history.
The confinement of the doors and walls of this world
has rendered my hopes passionless, colorless, frail!
I can hug on to your body like so.
But on life, I cannot prance!
That is why now hold me close.
O beautiful stranger woman, now hold me close.

(Beyond the sight)


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