My Feelings

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Poems about Feelings

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My Feelings

Meish Goldish

There are things I have that I can't see,
Things that change inside of me.
What, oh what, can those things be?
My feelings!

When a freind calls up and says, "Let's play,"
When I work in school and get and "A,"
When my favorite dinner's on its way,
I'm happy!

When I can't go out because of rain,
When my tummy hurts and I'm in pain,
When my favorite toy goes down the drain,
I'm sad!

When thunder booms, and the lights go out,
When suddenly I hear a shout,
When an ugly bug will crawl about,
I'm afraid!

At times I'm happy, at times I'm sad,
At times I'm scared, at times I'm glad,
I know I'm me, because I've had
My feelings!


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