The Feeling of Desperation

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Poems about Feelings

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The Feeling of Desperation

There's something leaking from my eyes,

It looks like tears, but their real name is pain.

They don't only come from my eyes,

As evidenced by my wracking sobs.

They are my lifeblood and come from my heart,

And from the bloody, empty spot where my soul used to be.

They are born of the loss;

Loss of belief, and trust, and love...

I've lost my self, my being, my life.

All that is left behind is an ugly husk.

Something to be stared at;

Pointed out to little children,

Warned against becoming like that!

The fight to escape my past was all for naught!

It will ever be at the forefront,

To haunt my every waking and sleeping moment.

My dreams have become nightmares.

Why bother dreaming of a future?

I'm a waste of space, and air to breathe.

I'm guilty of every sin in the book.

I deserve nothing more than to be cast adrift on the ocean.

No water, or food, or creature comforts for me.

I'm not worthy of those.

They are the trust, belief, and love that I've lost.

They are gone from me, as is my soul, my heart, and my spirit.

I'm dead; the walking dead.

I'd rather stop walking, stop the pain forever.

Than go on just existing to fight a losing battle.


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