Hidden Feelings

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Poems about Feelings

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 Hidden Feelings

What can I do?  I'm so tired.

I don't feel like getting up.

I don't want to be seen like this.

I hide my true feelings at work.

I just plain hide when I'm at home.

In my bedroom, under the covers.

I don't want to be seen like this...

by my family or my friends.

So I hide behind closed doors.

 I can't turn off my mind.

 Thoughts run around, I don't care to see.

 They hurt me, break me, make me cry.

 I don't know what's worse...

 Thinking how others must think of me...

 Or the thoughts I have to listen to in my head.

I'm worried about what can be done.

I feel worthless, and wish I were dead.

I doubt that anyone could come back from this,

I'm at rock bottom, can't go any lower.

There has to be an up, but I can't find it.


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