The Greatest Gift

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Poems about Feelings

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The Greatest Gift

The greatest gift one can give,
May never be returned,
It’s the greatest risk you can live,
When one has yearned,
To witness their true feelings
In the endless wheeling’s,
Of the day-to-day
Passion play

Yet, we must risk our self
The hopeful expression,
Do not set your feelings on the shelf
Or the question,
Will never be answered,
The bona fide Hansard
Forever unknown
Because of one’s own

No matter the reply
You will appreciate truth,
Even if good-bye
Is your bleeding tooth,
The gift you gave
Takes someone very brave,
To give without desire,
Is all true love require

-Patrick James Hipelius-


avatar Kaitlyn
Wow! This poem is amazing, Your lady must know how lucky she is to have a guy like you.
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