never ending death

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Poems about Feelings

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Why can I not escape this hell? Why do I keep commin back? Why can I not ever get out? This fucking darkness is around me and won’t let go. What can I do? Where can I do? I can’t breathe anymore…im cold and gone...the only warmth I feel is the blood goin down my body. Ripped apart into peaces I taste the warm blood in my mouth and I know it’s the true and bitter end. Im lost cause the darkness came in and took me to its home, left me to scream and bleed and kept me at deaths lips just enough to make me crazy and crave the deaths kiss so close I can taste it. Cut after cut I hear deaths laugh at the pain in me. Laughing in its sick and twisted ways, making me beg for death but he makes me stay. Hating life I wish I could get out...or meet deaths end…but trapped in its twisted game I live in this darkness forever…left at deaths lips but never the kiss…never the ending…just a never endin story.  Is it what I deserve is it my punishment? Do I take it for the rest of life or even after that in the depths of Hades hell come to trap me forever…never get out…never set free.


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