Looking Back

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Poems about Feelings

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It seems like only yesterday, I was so full of hope,

With ambitions so bright the sun itself would mope.

Never had a doubt that I would succeed

In anything I attempted, hmmm….maybe t’was greed.
All I know is that I knew and needed neither hint nor clue,

To know I would always be fine, so long as I had you.


How foolish I was, to believe at the start,

That I could find so much without losing my heart.

And now that it’s gone, I feel I do not wish for it back,

Because with a heart comes pain, and with pain comes lack.
The Lack of love that fueled my world,

The Lack of joy in which it twirled.


I was Lacking the ability to protect you from all of Life’s harms,

Lacking the feeling of holding you safe in my arms.

All because I acted upon this small muscle in my chest,

Never thinking that, for once, my heart didn’t know best.

Could never let you go, the Heart never truly does,

It seems like only yesterday…how foolish I was.


-Dewitt Ford



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