Let Go of The Past

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Poems about Feelings

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Everything inside,
Is bottled up right now.
Lots that I can hide,
No way to let it out.

Endless days of tears,
Won't bring back the past.
For all that I have feared,
Is coming much too fast.

Flashbacks of memories,
Can't seem to go away.
It's all the love felonies,
That let us get this way.

And now those days are over,
But the pain, it only scars.
I wish I could somehow shake it off,
As easily as washing cars.

I realize now, how stupid I was,
To fall for all your lies.
Hopefully I have learned,
And stopped all of the cries.

I thought I really loved you,
But I guess I was wrong.
I am being honest and true,
Now its time to say so long.

Letting you go wasn't easy,
And I will always remember.
All the memories we had,
And the time we shared together.

Thank you for your time,
And I'm not trying to be rude.
But I realized I am fine.
And I'm finally over you.


avatar sima
goood way to express through poem i like it too much.
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