Only in my Dreams

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Poems about Feelings

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Before I sleep at night,
I look outside the window and hug my pillow so tight, Staring up above the brightest star,
Wishing for your good wherever you are.

Then I close my eyes and talk to God,
Starts to pray with all my heart.
"I know that you can't be mine whatever I do,
That only in dreams, will have ME and YOU."

I'm praying that you will always be in my dream zone,
Where I could hug you tight and be my own.
Only in my dreams I can touch your lips,
Only in my dreams, you can wipe my tears.

I'm not praying that it may be in reality,
even if it happens on my dreams, i'm already happy
Wherein no one can get you away from me,
Or even objects my feelings and thinks I'm getting crazy.

Yet, when i woke up in the morning,
Tears into my eyes keep on dropping.
Even if a little, it really hurt my feelings,
Remembering that you can only be mine when I'm dreaming....


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