If You Were The Last Woman

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Poems about Feelings

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I have stared into the abyss.
I knew there could be more than this
So sorry for her, the furies are a myth.
She laughed, a demon like Lilith.
She led me to the garden
Innocent , easy led
Tore out my heart and left me for dead.
“Hoka hey” , I believed it one day
Was anything you told me not a lie?
Tell me the truth, look me in the eye
Be careful not to cast the first stone
You’ll end up a corpse of broken bone
My claims could crush the wings of a morbid butterfly
I might walk easy but I’ll eat you alive
I was enchanted but the devil came in disguise
What’s left when the façade begins to fade?
You could cut my self esteem with a razorblade.
Washed away by the flood. How dare you speak the world ‘love’.
Suffering I have bore well.
I said for you I ’d go to hell and because of you I did.
What is this hell I walk through.Where is the light I struggle to.
Alone in a purgatory state
Everyone here’s so full of hate.
The world is cursed with lies and violence
Desperate pleas cry out from the silence.
I’m sick of it all, Hope I see heaven before the fall
My Suffering was a hard to swallow lesson
The emptiness came as a blessing
What’s sun without a little rain?
What’s joy without knowing pain?
Do you even feel any shame?
To be called a princess when you don’t deserve that name.
I never loved you , I only thought I did
I never liked you , god forbid.
Something’s are bound to failure like a sinking stone.
But now I found my place and the way for me is shown
I found the way out of there, Choking, gasping for air.
She played this cat and mouse game to the last.
Memories I bury in the past. Thrown into the fire.
She’s just a long forgotten memory. She is dead to me.


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