The Angel Of Death

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Poems about God

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The Angel Of Death

She sits there looking so cold and alone
But somewhere under there,
There beats a heart
Beneath all the black and chrome

The smooth lines that glimmer
Soft but sharp in the night
Are begging you to play the game
At the first break of daylight

Though you live life the best you can
You can't fight the feelings inside
Those feelings that call to you,
To take just one more ride

Grasp all the power in your hands
feel the vibrations through your feet
As you glance below but all you see
Is blurring gray concrete...

You're flirting with eternity
Trying to bluff your way through
But you never can trust this angel of death
You never know what she may do

She deals cards marked in blood
Not yet spilled
And the devil sits on her side
So it's doubtful you'll win

But still you play again
And again you'll be betting your life.


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